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    Show 684: Benji is Back!

    Benji is back!  America’s most beloved mutt is back with an all new re-telling of the classic story.   The film is available now for viewing on Netflix.  Steve chats with Joe Camp, who tells us how he created Benji back in the in 70’s at a time when the major studios didn’t think his story could be a success.

    Air date: 4/14/18

  2. DogScratchingEar1.jpg

    Show 684: Protecting Our Pets this Spring & Summer

    Spring and Summer bring back all sorts of issues for our pets.  From nasty bugs to seasonal allergies, our pets skin can need some extra love.  Dr. Heather Edgington drops by the show to tell us about the issues our pets can face and how we can protect them.

    Air date: 4/14/18

  3. airplane1.jpg

    Show 683: The Pet Passenger Bill of Rights

    The stories have been all over the news of airlines having a lot of trouble making sure their four-legged pet passengers make it safely to their destination. From pets ending up in the wrong location to not surviving the flight at all, the airlines clearly need to do a better job. New York State Senator Marisol Alcantara chats about her Pet Passenger Bill of Rights and how it would help our pets.

    Air date: 4/7/18

  4. HeartwormCycle.jpg

    Show 683: The Double-Defense Protocol to Prevent Heartworm Disease

    If you havn't slapped a mosquito away yet, it certainly won’t be long. Mosquitoes bring heartworm disease, but we can make sure our dogs never have to face that. Dr. Craig Prior chats with Steve about the double-defense protocol that has recently been endorsed by both the Companion Animal Parasite Council as well as the American Heartworm Society.

    Air date: 4/7/18

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