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  1. OverweightDog1.jpg

    Show 632: Obesity in Pets

    Obesity in pets might be one of the biggest problems impeding the health of our furry family members. Dr. Ernie Ward is leading the charge to raise awareness and help pet owners keep their pets healthy. He’ll stop by the show to share some tips.

    Air date: 4/15/17

  2. PetOnTheCouchBook.jpg

    Show 632: "Pets on The Couch"

    Dr. Nicholas Dodman is back with us to talk about our compulsive cats.  He’ll share ideas for what’s really going on as we talk about his book, Pets on The Couch.

    Air date: 4/15/17

  3. HeartwormCartoon1.jpg

    Show 631: Double-Defense to Protect Dogs from Heartworm

    The mosquitoes are back (if they ever left where you live) and you need to think about protecting your dog. Heartworm is a serious disease spread to our dogs by the bite of an infected mosquito.  Dr. Mike Paul chats with Steve about a new protocol called Double-Defense to protect our dogs from this horrible disease.

    Air date: 4/8/17

  4. UnlikelyCompanionsBook.jpg

    Show 631: "Unlikely Companions: The Adventures of An Exotic Animal Doctor"

    Could a snake be the right pet for you?  Dr. Laurie Hess will let us know her thoughts as we discuss her book, Unlikely Companions: The Adventures of An Exotic Animal Doctor.

    Air date: 4/8/17

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