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  1. K9sForWarriors.jpg

    Show 646: More on K9s for Warriors

    Steve continues his conversation with Rory Diamond of K9s for Warriors about the amazing work they are doing to provide service dogs to military who are suffering from PTSD.

    Air date: 7/22/17

  2. TicksCartoonPic3.jpg

    Show 646: Preventing Ticks from Spreading Diseases

    Late summer is a time of year when ticks are really active and so are our dogs. We’ll speak with Dr. Byron Blagburn about the ways to prevent ticks from spreading their diseases to our canine companions.

    Air date: 7/22/17

  3. PitBullAnAmericanIconBook.jpg

    Show 645: "Pitbull: The Battle Over an American Icon."

    They are truly the all-american dog, and author Bronwen Dickey talks about their history and the reputation they (unfairly) have today, in her book, Pitbull: The Battle Over an American Icon.

    Air date: 7/15/17

  4. CatScratching1.jpg

    Show 645: More on Protecting Cats from Fleas

    Steve continues his conversation with Dr. Eva Schmidt about our cats and their fight against fleas. Fleas like biting our cats as much as our dogs and just because our cats don’t go outside (hopefully) doesn’t mean that the fleas won’t find them!

    Air date: 7/15/17

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